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The Birmingham Plan - Unitary Development Plan 2005

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The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) contains policies and proposals that currently guide development and land use across the City and is the existing Development Plan for Birmingham.

In time, the UDP will replaced by the Birmingham Development Plan and other key planning policy documents currently being prepared, known as Development Plan Documents. Once approved, these documents will form the statutory Development Plan for Birmingham and will be the main basis for planning application decisions.

These strategic documents alongside Supplementary Planning Documents will shape the Local Development Framework, the portfolio of planning policies for Birmingham. The programme for preparing these documents is set out in the Council’s Local Development Scheme.

The Regional Spatial Strategy has been formally revoked following the Localism Act (2011) and no longer forms part of the Development Plan.

Development Plan Documents

We have already approved two Development Plan Documents

  • The Longbridge Area Action Plan (April 2009) provides a detailed framework for the redevelopment of the former Austin Rover car plant at Longbridge and replaces sections of the UDP relating to Longbridge, specifically Part of paras 6.30, 19.8, 19.9A and 19.35 and Paras 19.19 – 19.19D are now deleted.
  • The Aston, Newtown and Lozells Area Action Plan (July 2012) provides a detailed framework for change and regeneration in the Aston/Newtown/Lozells area. It will replace parts of chapters 11 and 12 of the UDP.

Two other Development Plan Documents are in preparation:

UDP Saved Policies

In September 2008, the Secretary of State agreed to save all but three policies in the UDP until they are replaced by Development Plan Documents.

The three policies which have not been saved are:

  • Heartlands policies in chapter 2 which were out of date (paras 2.27 – 2.38)
  • Office campus policies in chapter 4 which were inconsistent with government planning guidance contained in Planning Policy Statement 4 (para 4.45)
  • Housing requirements in chapter 5, previously replaced by the Regional Spatial Strategy (policy CF3). This will now be set out in the Core Strategy.

These paragraphs have therefore been deleted from the UDP (2005).

The Proposals Map

The Proposals Map is a map of Birmingham showing all the policies and proposals contained in the UDP and approved Longbridge Area Action Plan. It will be further updated when new Development Plan Documents are approved.

An interactive version of the Proposals Map is available here. Alternatively paper copies of the Proposals Map can be purchased at a price of £5.00. Please contact us if you require a copy.

The UDP was adopted in 1993 and reviewed in 2005. The review took the form of alterations to the adopted plan. The UDP (2005) is available below.

Document Status : Statutory Unitary Development Plan Document - Adopted 2005
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