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Tree Surgeons

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If you are thinking of carrying out work to a tree you may wish to use a qualified tree surgeon who will be able to advise you on how best to carry out the work needed. This will help to minimise extra costs, inconvenience and prevent further damage or problems with the tree.

The Arboricultural Association Tree Surgeons (Contractors)

The companies listed on the Arboricultural Association website have been approved by the Council of the Association as complying with, and practising to, the standard required by the Association.

The Arboricultural Association expects very high standards, which restrict the number of successful applicants. Because of the irrevocable nature of all operations concerning tree care these standards are carefully maintained by inspection of the recommended Contractors.

The Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors

Birmingham City Council cannot undertake the work itself, nor can it make any contribution towards the cost of such work, nor does it guarantee or in any way hold itself responsible for the work carried out. We advise you to obtain at least three quotations and to tell the contractors you approach that you will obtain more than one quote.

You should check that both you and any Tree Surgeon you select are adequately insured.

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Last Updated :10th March 2014