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Transport in and around Birmingham

The thought of travelling around a city this size sometimes seems challenging, whether for a visitor or if you were born here needing to travel to an unfamiliar area! But no matter where or how you want to travel, Birmingham's transport systems make it pretty simple to get where you want - and we're constantly working with our partners to improve things to help you get there more quickly and easily. We hope this section will give you all the information you need to know both about transport in Birmingham and the tracks, roads, streets, and pavements themselves.

Real-time travel and traffic information on your mobile phone!
In association with help2travel you can access all manner of useful transport information on your internet-enabled mobile phone - simply go to www.help2travel.co.uk/mobile or point your QR-Code enabled camera phone (such as the Nokia N-series or Apple iPhone) at the square to the right and open the barcode reader to gain instant on-the-move access to real-time information about buses, trains, car parks, and traffic disruption.

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Planning a journey?
Check the latest information on the roadworks page. You can also view the BBC TrafficJamCams for live motorway traffic information.