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Home to School Transport Policy

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On Monday 07 January 2013 Birmingham City Council approved a new Home to School Transport Policy and a new Post 16 Transport Policy. Copies of these new policies are supplied below. Birmingham City Council opened a consultation on making changes to the home to school transport policy in November 2011; this consultation ended in July 2012. The feedback and issues raised were carefully considered and informed the new policies.

The policies were adopted from 07 January 2013 for pupils starting school or post 16 provision on or after Sunday 01 September 2013. The new policies will be applied from 01 September 2013 for any pupils or young people who are new starters. The new Post 16 Transport Policy will apply to all young people moving into Year 12 in September 2013.

Full copies of the new policies are attached below and together with notes for guidance for parents and carers.

The key changes to the policies are as follows:

  1. The introduction of Personal Transport Budgets for parents and carers and access to independent travel training for identified children and young people.
  2. The adoption of the statutory qualifying distances – up to 8 years old 2 miles, over 8 years old 3 miles.
  3. The removal of transport support based on parental choice of denominational school.
  4. Increased coordination via SENAR of the assessment and review of SEN pupils receiving specialist transport support – to identify changes in circumstances.
  5. Transport assistance for SEN pupils will only be considered to the nearest appropriate school as identified by the local authority; parental choice of a more distant school will not be supported.
  6. Post 16 Transport Policy - Where the travel support provided consists of a taxi or specialist vehicle, the young person and / or his or her parents or carers will be required to contribute towards the cost of this. The amount that will be required is £600 per annum or £300 if the young person is from a low income family.

Important Notice of Change –September 2013

Birmingham City Council opened a further consultation on making changes to the home to school transport policy for existing users on 15 May 2013 which closed on 03 July 2013. The feedback and issues raised were carefully considered and have informed any further changes to the new polices.

On Tuesday 29 July 2013 Birmingham City Council approved:

  1. The withdrawal of transport support from current users where this is provided on the basis of parental choice of denominational school from 01 September 2013.
  2. The implementation of the Home to School Transport Policy and the Post 16 Transport Policy for those young people who attend a denominational school based on parental choice.

This means that from the beginning of the Autumn Term 2013 (September 2013) those pupils who have previously received a free bus pass from Birmingham City Council to attend a Denominational (faith) school will no longer receive this (unless the family meet the low income criteria) and parents / carers will need to make their own arrangements.

The City Council approved the continuation of the public consultation on the proposal to apply the policies to current users of the Home to School Transport Service including those with special educational needs (SEN). This means that whilst this consultation continues applications from current users will continue to be assessed under the existing transport policy.

 Policy: Home to School Transport: effective 01 September 2013 (Size: 45.7 Kb Type: PDF )


This policy document applies to all pupils who started at a school on and after 01 September 2013. It includes the details for changes to the walking distances, the removal of support for travel to denominational (faith) schools, the introduction of personal transport budgets and what transport assistance can be considered for pupils with special educational needs.