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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Transport - The Next Step

Transport needs

Transport is crucial as a means by which people engage in economic, social and recreational activities. It underpins the business life of the city. Transport connects the many separate strands of the life in the city - where people live, work, shop and take their leisure; where business of all sorts operate, obtain goods, services and the labour they need for successful and profitable operation. It is the transport system that holds this delicate web together.

The immediate issues facing us are: predicted 50% rise in traffic by 2020 if current trends continue; increasing congestion - more intense and for longer.

Supporting investment in Birmingham is central to this Strategy. Birmingham is a highly accessible city. The future depends on maintaining that accessibility for international, regional and local travellers and freight.

Following a period of structural economic change and prolonged outward migration, support is essential for those areas in need of regeneration. Concerns for personal safety and the environment need to be addressed in the drive to improve the attractiveness of the city.

As personal mobility has increased, the existing transport system has come under pressure. The rising demand for car travel reflects both increased prosperity and under investment in a public transport alternative. There is a need to maintain capacity for the car and work to provide genuine travel choice in order to avoid the environmental, social and economic consequences of increased congestion on our roads. This requires us to provide alternatives so travellers can make sensible choices.

What we will do

Within Europe, Birmingham is in a unique position in the transnational and national transport network. We will work with the rail companies to improve freight and passenger carrying potential.

The recent completion of the Ring Road and further breaking of the Queensway 'concrete collar' supports major investment and future regeneration and will bring profound change to the city centre.

Support will be given to the continued development of Birmingham International Airport. We need to look after our existing transport systems.

Proposals for a new High Speed Rail Link (HS2) between the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) in London and the new New Street Station in Birmingham would revolutionise travel between the West Midlands and Europe.

More information about the HS2

The city council is investigating the scope and scale of the economic benefits that might accrue to the city if this significant transport investment project were to come to fruition. Please see the attachment below for more information on this.

Private developments

The Private Development Section undertakes the management of design approval, construction planning, site inspection, enforcement and adoption of highway works built by developers. More information can be found in the set of web pages that begins with the Private Developments Section Home Page

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