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Transition to Adulthood for Disabled Young People

Transition to adulthood is about the change from being a teenager to being an adult. This page provides information about transition, and links to resources to help with the transition process.
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During this period of life, young people experience lots of changes and do lots of new things. For disabled young people, this time of transition can be an exciting time with lots of new opportunities. It can also be a worrying time when young people move on from familiar people and places into the unknown.

During a young person’s last few years at school he or she is encouraged to make choices about the future - there is an important meeting in Year 9 called a Transition Planning meeting. It is important that all disabled young people are supported properly during transition and that they are fully involved in decisions about their future. The role of parents and carers is equally important. Download the documents at the foot of this page.

All those staff and agencies involved with a disabled young person during the transition period have a responsibility to work effectively together. Key people who might be involved in transition planning include teachers, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs), Connexions Personal Advisers and other people like health staff and social workers

In Birmingham, the Transition Pathway is being implemented in all secondary schools to assist with transition planning for disabled young people.

The Transition Pathway is a pack of accessible guidance and tools which can be used by anyone with an interest in supporting young people (age 13 – 25) in the transition to adult life. It enables all those, such as schools, who have statutory responsibilities linked to transition to meet those requirements while also ensuring that young people, and what is most important to them, are central to the process.

It was originally developed by a multi-agency West Midlands regional group, who all wanted to make transition for young disabled people work better. The group included young people and family carers, as well as people from:

• Education
• Social Care Services
• Health Services
• Connexions
• Learning and Skills Council
• Voluntary agencies and others.

The Transition Pathway is already being used in schools across the West Midlands and has been identified as having a key role in how transition is developing in Birmingham.

A programme of training on the Transition Pathway began in 2007. Currently over 50 secondary schools have received this training and more are scheduled to do so. Staff from other agencies, including Connexions Personal Advisors who work alongside schools on transition, are also trained in the Pathway process.

For more information about Transition training for relevant professionals please contact the Transition team – transition@birmingham.gov.uk