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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Transportation Services

Keeping Birmingham on the move is a massive task, a key part of which is turning Visions the 20 year transport strategy for the city (produced in July 2000) into reality. That is the job of Transportation Services, one of the teams making up the Economy Directorate.

How Transportation Services teams link together.

Transportation Services is responsible for taking original ideas through all stages to completing work on the ground and for developing a broader transport vision for the future.

This involves working closely with transportation bodies including Centro, the Highways England, the Office of Rail and Road, other councils and other officers in the Development Directorate.

The Policy Team

Long term planning starts in the policy team. It works closely with transportation organisations to devise and develop long-term plans, oversee Visions the city's 20 year transport strategy and contribute to Regional Planning Guidance and the City Unitary Development Plan. The team also contributes to the Local Transport Plan for the West Midlands, prepares funding bids, draws up road safety bids and programmes and oversees TravelWise for the city.

The Development Team

The development team assess the benefits and detriments of transportation proposals and gives expert advice on the options. Their work provides the basis for initial cabinet approval of transportation plans and for the bidding process where funding for annual work programmes is agreed.

The team considers all planning applications that affect the transport network and guides developers towards any necessary transport changes. In addition, adoption of roads is carried out by the team. It also provides information on the extent and status of highways, which forms one of the searches carried out when you buy a house.

The Infrastructure Projects Team

The Infrastructure Projects Team turns Visions into reality on the ground. It produces detailed designs using the latest software, organises consultation and liaison with the public, councillors, local businesses, the emergency services and utility companies. It then manages and supervises work as it is carried out by approved contractors. Major projects currently under way include Selly Oak New Road and schemes such as Cycle Routes.

The Private Developments Section

The private developments section undertake the management of design approval, construction planning, site inspection, enforcement and adoption of highway works built by developers. The Council adopts roads and footways (in some cases emergency links, footpaths, verges, visibility splays) and infrastructure such as traffic signals, street lighting and highway drainage by different methods as stated in the Highways Act 1980 and thereby takes on the maintenance responsibility. More information about the private development section can be found in their family of web pages.