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Ending your tenancy


When you end your council tenancy you must make arrangements with your local Vacant Management team to vacate the property and hand over all the keys.

Complete the form above to give us notice that you are planning to end your tenancy. We will contact you to make all the arrangements to end your tenancy.

In all circumstances you will be expected to provide vacant possession of the property and remove all rubbish and belongings.

Essential Information
  • We ask you to take your keys to your local Customer Service Centres (formerly known as neighbourhood offices. You will be advised of the address of your nearest office on your ‘ending tenancy’ letter and also at your pre-vacation visit. If you cannot get to a neighbourhood office, you can post your keys to us but they must be received before noon on your tenancy end date. All keys should be labelled with the property address and any garage keys should be labelled separately.

  • After you have given us notice that you intend to end your tenancy, you will receive an ‘ending tenancy’ letter which will confirm your tenancy end date and any remaining rent due. You must ensure that your remaining rent is paid before you leave the property.

    The letter will also include an appointment for a pre-vacation visit, where appropriate.

    We will also arrange for energy supplies to be transferred from the property to our preferred energy supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • You must give us four full weeks’ notice, of your intention to end your council tenancy, to expire on a Monday, of your intention to end your council tenancy, except in specific circumstances such as where a tenant:

      • Has died
      • Is moving into residential care
      • Is transferring to another council property
      • Is moving to a housing association (registered social landlord) property after nomination by the council.

      Exceptions can also be made at our discretion. To request a shorter notice period, contact your local void team for advice.

    • Please complete the form at the top of the page. We will ask you whether there is an executor or a personal representative who has been appointed to manage the affairs of the deceased. If so, we will make the necessary arrangements with them.

      In either case, we will require a copy of the death certificate, which you can attach online or post to us at PO Box 8267 as well as an estimate of the time required to clear the property and return the keys. An exception of the four week notice period is made in these circumstances.

      The process for ending the tenancy is as described above.

    • You can request to withdraw your notice before the tenancy end date, but the council may refuse this under certain circumstances. However, depending on when your notice is withdrawn, it may be too late to stop the transfer of energy supplies. This means the property may have a new energy supplier even though you have not requested a change of supplier.

    • Unless your tenancy is ended in exceptional circumstances, with a notice period of less than 28 days, we will make an appointment to visit you at your home before your tenancy end date.

      At this visit we will discuss your rent account and explain what you need to do before you leave the property.

    • All furniture, furnishing, carpets, clothing and rubbish both inside and outside of the property must be removed before the end of the tenancy, unless it was at the property when you moved in. If any items are left, you will be charged for their removal.