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More than two thirds of the UK own a mobile phone. This is supported by a network of transmitters and receivers that requires the installation of base stations around the country. Because of their size, location or design these base stations and their masts can have a significant visual impact on the area, there are also general concerns frequently raised by the community about possible health related issues.

National Advice

National advice on the planning considerations for masts etc is given in the National Planning Policy Framework (Section 5). In addition, the Government has recently updated the Code for Best Practice on Mobile Network Development in 2013 and this sets the standards for operators to follow.

Advice from Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council provides advice for considering the siting and design of base stations, masts and equipment in Chapter 8 of the Birmingham Plan 2005 (page 21). A Supplementary Planning Guidance Note on the Location of Telecommunication Equipment (mobile phone Infrastructure) is also available, as is a summary of that guidance.

Access to Telecommunication Applications

You can find details of Telecommunications Applications by going to Planning Online

Masts and Equipment Register

Every year theMobile Operators Association provide us with a list of all telecommunications equipment located in our administrative area. The latest one was issued in October 2013 and is available below.

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Last Updated: 12th November 2013