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Working in Schools

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Our Vision

'We want every child in every part of the city to achieve their potential and have the belief, aspiration and support to be their best. The council, schools and other partners will work collaboratively to drive innovation and improvement in order to ensure that every child and young person should go to a good or outstanding school where they have access to the best teaching, benefit from a rich and broad curriculum and prosper in an environment that is safe and promotes their overall well-being.

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A Birmingham education is distinctive and we want to build upon that tradition through schools that celebrate and make the most of the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the city as well as continuing to promote an ethos of civic pride and active citizenship with all of our children and young people'.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham is the largest metropolitan borough, providing a wealth of employment and other opportunities for head teachers, teachers and their families, offering some great lifestyle choices, such as affordable housing, theatres, museums, lively night life, restaurants, bars and lots of culture.

Birmingham is leading on exports, inward investment is strong and the number of people wishing to relocate to the city is increasing. It is fast becoming the preferred place to live and work. An average cost of a family home in Birmingham is £163,354, with flats fetching as little as £115,820.

With over a million people, Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe and one of the most diverse…… the children in our schools are our future prosperity.

Birmingham is a city that has been regenerated and rejuvenated in recent years, transforming itself into a modern and progressive city, whilst retaining all of its important historical and cultural characteristics.

Birmingham is a great city, the second largest in the UK and potential to become an economic powerhouse alongside London. Well known landmarks such as the revolutionary spaghetti junction, New Street Station, which is the UK busiest railway station outside London, the Bull Ring (adorned with some 15,000 aluminium discs) and a terrific market make Birmingham the best place to be. The city's civic squares are a tribute to its Victorian and early 20th Century wealth and the Museum and Art Gallery forms part of the beautiful council house and there is an international airport.

Birmingham is home to several leading universities and over 95% of teachers trained in the city find a job in the city. With great sporting facilities on offer, such as premier league footballs clubs and for cricket lovers there is always Edgbaston cricket ground.

Birmingham’s central location makes it a major transport hub for both motorway and rail networks and the High Speed 2 (HS2) is another important catalyst, linking London and Birmingham in the future. Also the Midlands' first bus-based rapid transit system, featuring vehicles that look and operate like a tram but without tracks or overhead cables could be running by 2016.

Find out here why teachers are moving to Birmingham. http://www.theguardian.com/best-of-birmingham

Teacher Talent Team

In partnership with Educate, Birmingham is launching the Teacher Talent Team; an innovative new concept in teacher recruitment. Check out our Talent Team page for more information and to be part of this exciting new initiative. You can also download the brochure here:


So what else does Birmingham have to offer?

We want you to be part of our ambitious city school improvement agenda, which will see our schools going from strength to strength. We want the best head teachers, teachers and support staff to work in our schools and to be part of our children's future.

The population in Birmingham is growing quickly and schools will be recruiting and investing to provide a 21st century education for young people and to ensure they have the finest opportunities and careers ahead.

Did you know that Birmingham has:

  • The highest proportion of teaching schools in the country and they are a key feature of the education landscape; There are 17 teaching schools in the city; The Arthur Terry Teaching School, Bartley Green School, Bishop Challoner Catholic College, Boldmere Teaching School Alliance, Bournville Junior School, Brays School, Calthorpe Teaching School, Colmore Teaching School Alliance, Greet Teaching School Alliance, Holyhead School, James Brindley School, King Edward VI High School for Girls, Ninestiles School, Plantsbrook School, St. Mary’s CE Teaching School Alliance and Waveley School.
  • 250 maintained schools judged good or outstanding;
  • Floor targets that are well up against those of other cities;
  • A variety of opportunities for a range of teaching, leadership and support staff jobs in our city schools.
  • Some fundamental and exciting changes taking place across the Local Authority and in Birmingham schools. A new Education and Schools Strategy and Improvement Plan is in place and will help shape the schools agenda at pace to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.
  • The ambition to build even better links with the local universities and the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) so we can recruit and retain the best teachers and to support them in becoming future leaders. The vision for the BEP is that head teachers, from all types of schools to take on collective leadership of education in our city to ensure a quality educational partnership and to ensure a universal offer.
  • Developed a three day rolling induction Local Authority programme starting in January 2015 for newly appointed Head Teachers. The Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) is also providing a real emphasis on emotional and other support for Head Teachers in the city, which includes expansion of the existing coaching pool. There will be one of the best induction and support programmes in the country for new head teachers.
  • Plenty of opportunities for NQT's to become leaders in our schools and to learn from the best educationalists from a range of disciplines.
  • 120 academies, many free and independent schools in the city with 23 academy sponsors.
  • An aim is to reach every school in the city. Every one of our schools is important, because it takes a city to raise a child.
  • An employee assistance scheme which provides well-being support to employees, Local Authority training events and a career transition service for school based staff (available to schools that subscribe to these services)
  • A new process for recruitment, appointment and training of Local Authority governors and a number of governor recruitment initiatives are under way, such as attendance at schools and business events.
  • has a strong commitment to equality of opportunity at all levels throughout the service;
  • takes positive action to increase members from groups currently under represented in the teaching profession. To strengthen our multi-cultural, anti-racist and Equal Opportunity perspective we have three major aims:
    • to be aware of and to counter racism and discriminatory practices;
    • to be aware of and to provide for the particular needs of pupils with regard to their ethnic, cultural, historical, linguistic and religious backgrounds;
    • to prepare all pupils for life in our multi-cultural society and build on strengths of cultural diversity.

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