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Sun Safety

Skin cancer is a growing concern in the UK, where there are now more deaths from the disease every year than in Australia. Cancer Research UK reports a worrying gap between how much people know about skin cancer and how little they actually do to protect themselves in the sun against the countryies most common form of the disease. Around 62,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year, and among young people it is the third most common form of cancer.

Unless young people change their habits and learn to protect themselves properly in the sun, we could be heading for a skin cancer time bomb.

Teachers and parents have an important role to play in explaining the dangers of the suns UV rays and discussing sun protection. Skin cancer and sun protection are relevant to many different subjects and learning stages.

Try to follow and educate children on the five sun smart messages:-

Stay in the shade between 11.00am 3.00pm.
Make sure you never burn.
Always cover up with a t-shirt, wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.
Remember to take extra care with children.
Then use factor 15 plus sunscreen.

For more information on sun safety and skin cancer visit http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/