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Charitable Street Collection Permits

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The 2015 Charitable Street Collection Application Form is now available. Please note the closing date for the first phase of date allocation is 1st November 2014.

Please note that due to application forms not being returned to us, we no longer reserve dates by telephone.

Permit Summary
Anyone who wishes to collect money on the street for a charitable purpose needs to apply for a street collection permit.

Things you need to know
Each year we request that street collection applications for the following year be sent to the Licensing section by 1st November.

During November we will try to give all applications their first choice of dates and areas. Any applications we receive after this time will be given the days and areas that are left.

Saturday Collections
Many people wish to collect on Saturdays. We will usually only allow one group to collect in the same area on the same day, so we may give you a permit for the morning or afternoon only. Please put on the application form which you would rather have.

Whole City Collections
A "whole city" collection covers all of the Birmingham area. So that we can give as many groups as possible the chance to collect in Birmingham, we will only grant one "whole city" collection.

You should only ask for a "whole city" collection if you have enough volunteers to collect in all areas. If you do not think you will have enough, please just ask for the parts of Birmingham that you want.

If you do not want to collect throughout the whole of Birmingham, please tell us on the form which area(s) of Birmingham you want to collect in. We can then offer the other areas to other groups.

If you are not asking for a "whole city" collection you may initially have two separate collection dates in several parts of Birmingham, but only one of these collections can be for the city centre.

Before we can grant a street collection permit, we need to have as much information as possible about your charity, so please send in leaflets / information on the aims of the charity with your application form. We may also contact you to request a copy of the latest audited charity accounts.

If you are not an employee/authorised administrator of the group/charity you want to collect for, you must obtain and send in a letter from the group/charity with your application form. This letter must say that they agree to you collecting for them.

Direct Debit Pledges
If you wish to collect direct debit pledges your application will need to be referred to the Licensing Committee for which additional information will be required. Please contact the Licensing Section (contact details below) direct for further information.

Carnivals, Processions & Standing displays
The permit will only authorise the collection of money; For any other associated activities such as carnival processions, a bed push, standing display of a table/vehicle you will need to obtain separate permission from the relevant body.

Relevant bodies could mean West Midlands Police, Birmingham City Council Highways Management, Town/City Centre Management Teams.

No animals must be used in any street collections. Please let us know if a collector will need to use their assistance dog during the collection.

Private areas
Shopping areas in the city are privately controlled (e.g., the Pallasades Shopping Centre, Pavilions, The Bullring, The Mall Sutton Coldfield, One Stop Perry Barr, Fort Shopping Park etc). We do not issue permits for these areas, you will need to contact the appropriate Centre Manager for permission.

Use of Squares
Any permit granted for the City Centre will not
automatically entitle you to Collect in Victoria, Centenary and Chamberlain Squares. These areas are used for special events and you would therefore also require express permission from the City Centre Management Team to extend into these areas on the day of your collection. The City Centre Management Team can be contacted on 0121 616 2894.

You are not allowed to collect in subways and pedestrian underpasses, nor on the ramp going up to the Pallasades Shopping Centre from New Street in the city centre.

If you want to sell goods, magazines, etc, in a public place for charity, you will need a street collection permit.

Money for Travel
You will not usually be allowed to take money from the collection for travel to and from the place you are collecting in. So please do not put travel expenses on the application form.

Application Form
The Birmingham City Council Charitable Street Collection Application Form is attached at the bottom of this page.

Once you have completed the application form it can be submitted to the Licensing Section by a variety of means:

By Post - send completed applications to the address as indicated in the contact details below.

In Person
- applications can be submitted in person at the address and during the times shown below under contact details.

By Email - completed applications can be submitted electronically by attaching the completed form and any associated supporting documents to the Licensing Section email address as indicated in the contact details below.
Please note that electronic applications submitted by email can only be accepted if there is a scanned signature on the application form.

Online - alternatively if you are applying from within a European Member State you can apply on the Government GOV.UK website using the following link - Apply online for a Charitable Street Collection Permit

There is no charge for a charitable street collection permit.

Processing Timescale
When you are filling in your form, please remember that we need at least 28 days to deal with your application. We may not be able to issue permits without the full 28 days and all applications should be determined within 60 days of receipt of all the information necessary to determine the application.

Tacit Consent - Grounds for Refusal
Tacit consent means that if we have not dealt with applications within the target period then the application can be deemed to have been granted/approved.

Please note that tacit consent does NOT apply in respect of charitable street collection permits as it is in the public interest that the local authority considers and processes all applications.

Guidance and Advice
Our FAQs page provides more information on charitable street collection permits.

Regulations:- Charities Act 1992

Complaints/Enquiries - Applicants or Licence Holders
Contact the Licensing Section - see contact details below.

Consumer Complaints
Dependent on the nature of the complaint but initially contact the charity organising the collection and/or the Licensing Section - details below.

Returns following Charitable Street Collection
Within one month after the collection, you have to fill in the "Form of Statement" (we will send this to you with the permit). It has to be signed by an independent responsible person such as an accountant and you will have to list the names of the people who collected for you and how much was collected.

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