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Preventing and Tackling Bullying in Birmingham

Bullying is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological. It can happen face-to-face or through cyberspace.

What to do when bullying happens:

If you are a child being bullied
Get help here

If you are concerned about a child being bullied
Get help here

If you are a professional working with children
National Guidance is here

 Anti bullying alliance SEN

Free programme for schools and the children’s workforce to become Anti-Bullying SEN/disability champions

The Anti-Bullying Alliance is working with Birmingham City Council from April 2015 - March 2016 to become Anti-Bullying SEN and Disability Champions. This programme is funded by the Department for Education. We are offering FREE training to schools, the wider children’s workforce and parents/carers in Birmingham.

Anti-bullying week 2015

Birmingham Anti-Bullying Week
November 2015
Film and Video Competition 2015/16

Come and get involved with the annual Anti-Bullying week in Birmingham by producing a short film or video and make your mark in challenging bullying in schools and communities.

ZAP anti-bullying and assertiveness workshops from national anti-bullying charity Kidscape now available!

Birmingham's Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG)

BRAG is an inter-agency group of anti-bullying providers, educators, health services, police, schools, early years settings, community, youth and third sector organisations who work together to prevent and tackle bullying of all children in Birmingham. Members of BRAG co-operate to provide training, develop resources and run campaigns in the Birmingham area.

We work in partnership with several national agencies and are active members of the national Anti-bullying Alliance. The work of BRAG is supported by senior officers and elected members in the city.

BRAG organise an Anti-bullying Week event each year and in 2014 we worked closely with Link2ICT, SAMPAD and the Anti-bullying Alliance on our Birmingham Anti-bullying Week events and challenges.

Who is Tackling Bullying in Birmingham?

The following groups are amongst the very many professionals working to prevent and tackle bullying in Birmingham:-

Health Education Service
Educate & Celebrate
Sexual Health Promotion Service
Educational Psychology Service

to everyone who took part in Anti-bullying Week 2014 in Birmingham.

We had some fabulous competition entries, and lots of children and adults contributed throughout the week, and at our event at MAC Birmingham on Friday 21st November. It was great to get support and see all your hard work on social media.

Many thanks to everyone for your hard work to stop bullying for ALL in Birmingham

anti bullying week

Competition Winners

A School Award was presented to Colmore Primary School for submitting so many brilliant entries.

An individual award was made to Minnah Khan from Wheelers Lane Primary School for an outstanding entry.

anti bullying week