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The diversity of its people is reflected in the diversity of Stockland Green's geography. Although predominantly residential in character, the Ward is dissected by three principal roads - Tyburn Road (A38), Gravelly Hill (A5127) and Marsh Hill/Reservoir Road (A4040) while the M6 motorway forms its southern boundary. These roads have a considerable impact on accessibility within the Ward. In particular the area between Gravelly Hill and Tyburn Road, known as The Foot, is perceived as cut off and remote

Notwithstanding its predominantly residential character, one of the City's largest and most successful industrial estates - the Gravelly Industrial Park - straddles Stockland Green's southern boundary, and part of the large Bromford industrial area lies between Tyburn Road and the recently completed Heartlands Spine Road.

The diversity of the Ward is reflected in its topography. There are numerous hills (indeed it is the hilliest ward in the City), a rock outcrop along Tyburn Road, two key areas of open space in Bleak Hill Recreation Ground and Brookvale Park (the latter of which contains a sizeable lake), considerable tree coverage and various water courses, including the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.
2001 Census of Population: Key Statistics
  • Stockland Green Ward Map
    According to the 2001 Population Census there were 23,060 people resident in Stockland Green.
  • The area is 5.1 square KM in size, with a population density of 4,487 people per square KM, this compares with 3,649 people per square KM for Birmingham.
  • 21.6% of people were aged under 16, 60% were aged between 16 and 59, while 18.5% were aged over 60. The average age was 36.3, compared with 36 years for Birmingham.
  • The minority ethnic population made up 24.7% (5,706) of the wards population, compared with 29.6% for Birmingham.
  • 61.3% of households were owner occupied and 24.4% were rented from either the local authority, housing association or other registered social landlord. The remaining 14.2% of households rented privately or lived rent free.
  • The Census found that 10,282 (62%) of the population aged 16 to 74 were working or seeking work, this compared with 60.4% for Birmingham.
There is further Census information available about Birmingham wards and other areas on our Key Statistics Pages and also on the Birmingham Economy web pages.

Source: Census 2001, Crown Copyright.

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