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What is a Statutory Listed Building?

A statutory Listed Building is a building or structure which the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport considers to be of special architectural or historic interest. Listing gives a building legal protection from demolition and alterations which would destroy historic features or affect its character.

The whole of a building is listed - the exterior and interior, together with any outhouse, wall or other structure built before 1 July 1948 within the grounds of the building. We currently have nearly 1500 listed buildings.

Listed Buildings are graded to show their importance:

Grade I - buildings of exceptional quality (22 of all Listed Buildings in Birmingham - including Birmingham Town Hall and Aston Hall)

Grade II* - particularly important buildings (101 - including the Old Crown, Digbeth and Birmingham Council House)

Grade II - the majority of listed buildings of special interest (1355)

A copy of the Statutory Listed Buildings in Birmingham is available below.

Detailed descriptions of each listed building are available on the National Heritage List

If you wish to put a building forward for Listing or want to request its Listed Status is removed, then you should contact English Heritage.

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Last Updated : 15th October 2015