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Historic Environment Record

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We maintain the Birmingham Historic Environment Record (HER) which is a database of all archaeological sites and finds in the city. It currently contains over 2800 entries, including archaeological sites, listed buildings, other historic buildings and finds of objects. The categories of information on each site include the site's name, location, period, type, description and sources of information. The HER is based on a Geographic Information System: the location and extent of all sites are recorded on computer-based mapping.

We continually update the HER to incorporate the results of new research and fieldwork which may provide additional information on sites already recorded, or may result in the discovery or recognition of new sites.

Information from the HER is used to decide whether new developments are likely to affect archaeological remains. We provide information from the Historic Environment Record to developers and their agents, site owners and managers, and to academic researchers and teachers (there is a charge for commercial enquiries). We encourage the use of the Record for educational purposes.

The locations of sites in the HER are now available on My Local Information. Follow the link and put your postcode in the search box at the top right of the page.

Please note that you will require more detailed information than the site locations if your enquiry is related to proposed development.

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Last Updated: 29th August 2014