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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

School & Governor Support

School & Governor Support (S&GS) is a fully traded service that provides professional support and advice to subscribing schools and academies on all aspects of school management, governance and administration. The service also provides a comprehensive programme of governor training on a “pay as you go" basis.

Services offered:

  • support, advice and guidance;
  • support for governance;
  • conflict resolution;
  • supporting exceptional/unforeseen circumstances;
  • “pay as you go” training for governors.

S&GS fulfils a number of statutory and core functions on behalf of the Local Authority including those that relate to the governance of maintained schools. It leads on the actions taken to ensure that there are robust and effective governance arrangements in place and working effectively in all maintained schools.

The School & Governor Support Service Offer for 2016/17 can be accessed below:

Follow this link to view the programme of governor training.

Follow this link to the guidance and documents maintained by S&GS for schools and governors.

How to contact School & Governor Support

By email:

School Support Enquiries- school.support@birmingham.gov.uk
School Governor Enquiries- governors@birmingham.gov.uk

By telephone:

School Support South Area – 0121 303 8394
School Support Central Area – 0121 303 2193
School Support North Area – 0121 464 3174
Governor Support – 0121 464 2216

By post:

School and Governor Support
PO Box 16260
B2 2WU

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