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Selly Oak Local Action Plan

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This Local Action Plan covers the area from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the north to Raddlebarn Road in the south, including University of Birmingham, Selly Oak Centre and several major development sites.

The plan was adopted in July 2001 as a Supplementary Planning Guidance following extensive discussion and consultation with the local community and others.

It sets out a vision for Selly Oak, to:

  • Improve and respect the positive character of the plan area
  • Balance the aspirations of the Selly Oak Community with the wider strategic needs for the new hospital and other major developments
  • Provide a sustainable framework which allows us to manage and help major development opportunities come forward, in partnership with the community and business, and
  • Accommodate change in a positive way

The plan sets out proposals for:

  • Improvements to both the built and natural environment
  • Measures to revitalise Selly Oak shopping centre
  • A new road and improvements for pedestrians, buses and cyclists, and
  • The allocation of sites for a new hospital, retail, business, university and residential uses

Some of the developments proposed in the plan have taken place and some are now in the pipeline. Details of these can be viewed at the Selly Oak Development Updates page.

A copy of the Local Action Plan is below along with a map showing the area covered by the proposals. Please note that the shopping policies contained in paragraphs 7.16 - 7.18 and the local centre boundary have been superseded by the Shopping and Local Centres SPD, adopted in March 2012.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted July 2001. This document has now been superseded by the Wider Selly Oak SPD

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