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The District of Selly Oak is located in South Birmingham, and is made up of four wards:

Selly Oak District Savings Proposals 2014/15 and 2015/16

As part of the savings that Birmingham City Council is making, each District Committee has reviewed their service provision to identify future service savings for 2014/15 and 2015/16. The following attachments give an outline of the overall District Services position and then the Selly Oak District proposals.

There was a public consultation on these proposals between 17th January – 28th February 2014.

Local History

There are many theories on how Selly Oak received its name, they range from 'salt ley' or saltway through the meadow because of salt traffic from Droitwich to the North Sea: to 'Sele leah' or clearing with a hall on it or a clearing on a shelf of land. Others claim that it results from the Saxon word 'ley' meaning clearing in the forest, because of its position in the Forest of Arden.

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Some later sources claim that the name refers to Sarah's oak (later Sally's oak) after a local witch who was either hanged from it or was buried under it with an oak stake through her heart, which later it was claimed grew into an oak tree.

A welcome from the Head of Selly Oak District - Karen Cheney

Selly Oak District Team

Name Role Contact number
Karen Cheney Service Integration Head 0121 675 8519
Ann Barr Senior Service Manager - Sport and Leisure 0121 464 9185
Sajid Khan Senior Highways Engineer 0121 464 2780
Austin Rodriguez Safer Places Officer 0121 303 9744
Richard Green Street Scene Officer 0121 303 9762

How You Can Get Involved

If you live or work in Selly Oak, you can be involved in running local services. You can raise issues that concern you and contribute to decision making in a number of ways. You can:

  • Attend Ward Committees, which provide a mechanism for members of the public to become involved in the decisions that affect their neighbourhood.
  • Contact or meet your local Councillors for each of the Wards.
  • Contact your District Office via the phone number or email address below.
  • Send your comments to
  • Call us on 0121 464 9072.
  • All reports that have been to and agreed by committee can be found in our Democracy in Birmingham web pages.

Get in Touch

It's always nice to hear from you, so please send us any comments in the following ways:

Funding Opportunities

Community First

The Community First programme is a national programme which runs over four years until 2015. In Birmingham, 27 Wards have funding through Community First. The programme is independent of Birmingham City Council and is managed by a national organisation, appointed by the Government, called Community Development Foundation. Community First funding is distributed by a Community First Panel established in the Ward. A list of Community First Panels, along with other information about this programme and how to access funding, is available on the Community Development Foundation website.

There may be a number of other funding opportunities available, such as Big Lottery Funding. For more information call 0121 303 8738 or email

Facilities in Selly Oak District

Community and Play


Neighbourhood Office and Advice Service

Sport and Leisure