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Overview and Scrutiny

Councillor John Cotton chairs the What is Scrutiny.
Scrutiny provides the role of the "critical friend" to the decision makers within the Council. It assists in strategic policy development, it drives improvement in public services and it enables the voice of the public to be heard.

Scrutiny In Birmingham
There are five overview and scrutiny committees, which are structured to cover every aspect of the City Council's work, ensuring Cabinet Members are accountable for the decisions they make and for the services being delivered across the city. The Health, Wellbeing and Environment Committee also oversees health issues and looks at the work of the NHS in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

The CMIS website contains details for all upcoming meetings

Below are the details for the five overview and scrutiny committees.

Corporate Resources and Governance Committee, chaired by Councillor Mohammed Aikhlaq

Membership: Cllr Muhammad Afzal, Cllr Changese Khan, Cllr Chaman Lal, Cllr Yvonne Mosquito, Cllr Rob Pocock, Cllr Hendrina Quinnen, Cllr Sybil Spence, Cllr Randal Brew, Cllr Ewan Mackey, Cllr Anne Underwood, Cllr Ray Hassall

Economy, Skills and Transport Committee chaired by Councillor Zafar Iqbal

Membership: Cllr Phil Davis, Cllr Diane Donaldson, Cllr Ziaul Islam, Cllr Josh Jones, Cllr O'Shea, Cllr Eva Phillips, Cllr Sharon Thompson, Cllr David Barrie, Cllr Timothy Huxtable, Cllr Ken Wood, Cllr Zaker Choudry

Schools, Children and Families Committee chaired by Councillor Susan Barnett

Membership: Cllr Kate Booth, Cllr Barry Bowles, Cllr Shabrana Hussain, Cllr Julie Johnson, Cllr Chaudhry Rashid, Cllr Valerie Seabright, Cllr Martin Straker-Welds, Cllr Matt Bennett, Cllr Debbie Clancy, Cllr Alex Yip, Cllr Sue Anderson

Health, Wellbeing and the Environment Committee chaired by Councillor John Cotton

Membership: Cllr Uzma Ahmed, Cllr Mick Brown, Cllr Carole Griffiths, Cllr Kath Hartley, Cllr Mohammed Idrees, Cllr Karen McCarthy, Cllr Robert Pocock

Housing and Homes Committee chaired by Councillor Victoria Quinn

Membership: Cllr Gurdial Singh Atwal, Cllr Andy Cartwright, Cllr Matthew Gregson, Cllr Des Hughes, Cllr Mahmood Hussain, Cllr Mary Locke, Cllr Sybil Spence, Cllr Gary Sambrook, Cllr Ron Storer, Cllr Margaret Waddington, Cllr Roger Harmer