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Finding a home with a housing association

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Around 55 housing associations, or Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) as they are now known, offer a range of accommodation across Birmingham for all kinds of people.

Homes for older people, sheltered housing, accommodation for younger people and housing for vulnerable people with specific needs are all provided by RSLs in the city.

Half of this accommodation is set aside for people on the council's housing waiting list. When a property becomes vacant, we put forward the names of those applicants who are at the top of the list. However all RSL accommodation developed since April 2004 is available to people on our waiting list.

However, if you want to be considered for a RSL home, you can apply directly to the individual organisation. The RSL will contact an applicant, both those on the council waiting list and those who apply direct or are referred by a local advice centre, to tell them if they have been successful in obtaining a home.

RSLs or housing associations build homes for rent or shared ownership in Birmingham. Most have information about new developments on their websites, but if not, get in touch with them and they will be able to help you.

Information about RSLs can be obtained from local Neighbourhood and Housing Offices.

A list of RSLs in Birmingham is attached below.