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Road Safety Education in Birmingham

Smarter Choices Team

Our Statutory Duty

The local authority must:

  • Carry out studies into the cause of accidents on roads in their area
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent such accidents
  • Provide road safety education, training and publicity for all ages and types of road user, from pre-school to the elderly

Birmingham City Council's Road Safety Education Team (RSET) is one of several organisations, including the Department for Transport, RoSPA and the emergency services, who are all working to reduce the number of road traffic accidents. Our team of Road Safety Education Officers are committed to making Birmingham's road users as informed as possible, whether they are 3, 33 or 103! The Team does this through education, training and publicity.


Road safety education begins at an early age and continues throughout life. The RSET offers a comprehensive service to nurseries and schools to address the requirements of the National Curriculum.


The RSET trains and supports the people who live and work in the communities of Birmingham by delivering road safety training. The key areas for training and advice involve:

  • Child pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Drivers
  • Communities
  • Newly arrived families
  • Older road users
  • Parents


National and local road safety issues are the subject of regular publicity campaigns. National campaigns focusing on themes such as drinking and driving or seatbelts remind us of the dangers of careless behaviour. Local publicity campaigns reinforce the message and also focus on issues such as summer child pedestrian casualties or the need for motorcycle training.

Accident Data

The Government has released accident data for England and Wales, including Birmingham, under the OGL open data licence. Based on this data the Crashmap website enables accidents to be shown on a map.