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Ring Road Local Pinch Points bid

An application for Local Pinch Point funding has been made to the Department for Transport, which seeks to relieve congestion and safety concerns at a series of key locations on the city’s ring road. By implementing these measures the city will see improved access to the Central Business District, greater levels of accessibility to other key transport points such as New Street Station, and support for the new Local Enterprise Zone.

As a key manufacturing centre at the very heart of England, Birmingham continues to act as a key driver of the nation’s economic prosperity. The further development of the Local Enterprise Zone will make a contribution of almost £2bn to the city’s economy over the next 25 years, bringing with it almost 40,000 new jobs for local residents.

The city’s ring road acts as a vital route for employees living locally to access their place of work, yet congestion at key points, such as Bordesley Circus, continues to adversely impact on business’ ability to support the city’s economic growth.

The Local Pinch Points funding application focuses on five key junctions on the ring road which currently experience serious levels of congestion which are restricting access to the Central Business District and Local Enterprise Zone. The application focuses on access to the city centre via the southern and eastern access points of:

  • Bordesley Circus: A4540 Watery Lane Middleway / B4128 Coventry Road / A45 Small Heath Highway;
  • Holloway Circus: A38 Suffolk Street Queensway / Smallbrook Queensway / A38 Bristol Street / B4127 Holloway Head;
  • Haden Circus: A4540 Belgrave Middleway / A4540 Highgate Middleway / A4167 Highgate Road / A435 Haden way;
  • Curzon Circle: A4540 Lawley Middleway / B4132 Vauxhall Road / Curzon Street; and
  • Ashted Circus: A4540 Lawley Middleway / B4114 Jennens Road / A4540 Dartmouth Middleway / A47 Nechells Parkway.

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