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New Works


This page is for requests for new works on the highway. The District Engineers will investigate these requests are assessed based on safety & policy. The list is not exhaustive but is an example of what could be included under each heading. For maintenance of our existing infrastructure please visit our Highways landing page.

New Street Furniture

  • Bollards – all shapes and sizes & made concrete, metal, plastic etc. and often used as a physical deterrent to protect vulnerable users.
  • Pedestrian guard rails – frequently found in high pedestrian areas or at pedestrian crossing facilities & used to protect vulnerable users.
  • Benches – seating placed on the public highway.
  • Street name plates – the signs installed at the end of the street to indicate its name & post code.
  • Grit bins – large plastic yellow bins placed on the highway to store salt for gritting roads and pavements in the winter.
  • No Ball Games stickers – placed on lamp columns to advise that the playing of ball games on the highway is prohibited.

Additional Street Lighting

This is for requests regarding additional street lighting where there has never been lighting before such a in a right of way.

New Road Markings

This is for requests regarding new road markings where there are concerns about Parking Issues and Driveway Obstructions.

  • White advisory ‘H’ markings - to highlight a driveway access and deter obstruction by overhanging vehicles.
  • Disabled Bay advisory marking – if the property does not have off road parking an application can be made for a disabled bay.
  • Yellow line requests – single or double, School Keep Clear markings etc. all subject to priority due to high cost.

New Traffic Calming Measures

  • Speed cushions – twin cushions or three depending on road width
  • Speed tables/humps – tend to be full road width
  • Traffic signals/filter lights – to improve traffic movement or relieve congestion at peak times
  • Junction alteration or new road layout – to change priority/reduce injury collisions

New Pedestrian Crossing Facilities

  • Dropped kerbs – lowered access kerbs normally situated at the ends of a footway to aid pedestrians/mobility scooters crossing roads
  • Pedestrian crossing facilities – controlled or uncontrolled crossing facilities to aid pedestrian movements across roads, types include:
  • Pedestrian refuge – a half way crossing point or refuge in the centre of a road
  • Zebra crossing – a formal crossing facility situated at busy pedestrian locations, suitable on roads with an average speed of 35mph or less
  • Pelican crossing – a formal crossing, the lights are activated when the button is pushed to stop traffic

Essential Information
  • If you are requesting improvements or upgrades to existing street lighting, this can be done using the online form on our street lighting page.

    If your request is for street lighting where there is currently none, please complete the form at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Street Furniture includes:-

      • Guard/Trip rails:- these are low –level railings, most often placed around verges or grassy areas
      • No ball game Signs:- these are metal signs which remind the public that the playing of ball games on the public highway is against the law. They are usually placed in response to complaints about disturbance caused by the playing of such games.
      • Public Seats/benches:- any seating placed in a public area.
      • Street name Plates:- the signs placed at the ends of a street indicating the street name and post code. These are either placed on a wall or are free-standing.
      • Grit Bins: large plastic bins placed along the road side for the storage of the salt used for gritting roads and pavements in winter.

    • This is a request for improvement to the existing levels of street lighting.

    • Parking-New Works relates to the following two types of parking issues:-

      • Disabled bay marking:- Use this to record requests for a disabled parking bay to be painted on the road.
      • Parking issues:- Use this to record enquiries about parking issues in a particular area. This should not be used where the issues relate to penalty charge notices (parking tickets) issued for illegal parking, which should be referred to Highways.

    • The following types of requests for New Works relate to roads:-

      • Road markings
      • Local Traffic congestion
      • Traffic signals
      • Traffic signs

    • The following types of requests for New Works relate to footpaths:-

      • Requests for disabled access involving dropped kerbs at the edge of the footway where it meets the road.
      • Requests for Footpath realignment involving a change to the boundaries or route of a footpath.
      • Requests for any kind of pedestrian crossing across the highway.

      • Disabled bay markings are painted markings on the road which reserve a particular parking bay for use by the disabled.
      • Constituency Engineers deal with a variety of local parking issues with the exception of those which relate to illegal parking or parking fines.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry