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Refuse Collection


Important Information - Wheelie Bins

Assisted Collections

If you wish to make a request for an assisted collection and you are from the Harborne or Brandwood wards please make your request using the wheelie bin enquiry form on the wheelie bin enquiry page.

Missed Collections

Missed collections must not be reported if either a black, or blue tag has been attached to your wheelie bin. Instead, please check information on the tag to see which reason box has been ticked and follow the additional advice provided at the bottom of the tag.

If you continue to report your bin as missed your request will be closed without further action.

Black Refuse Bags

As a result of the council’s need to save £102million in the 2013/14 financial year, rolls of bags will no longer be provided from the end of March 2013. From that point, households will therefore need to purchase their own bags (available from most supermarkets and many other stores) to participate in the service.

General domestic refuse

We collect refuse from domestic properties on the same day once a week. Collections happen every day, Monday to Friday, except Christmas Day and Boxing Day in which case collections will take place the following week. Most tower blocks and other multi-occupied homes are (if suitable) are provided with large containers. We empty these at least once a week, more frequently if necessary.


Most households in Birmingham now have a recycling collection service.

We collect:

  • Paper and card, glass bottles and jars, food and drinks cans and plastic bottles, every fortnight
Essential Information
  • For general domestic refuse we provide either large containers for multi-occupied buildings such as flats and apartments.

    For recycling we provide:

    • Blue recycling box - paper/cardboard
    • Green recycling box- glass/plastic bottles/jars food and drinks cans
    • Large containers for multi-occupied buildings such as flats and apartments

    You can report a problem with your recycling box or containers using the Report Bin/Box/Container Problems button above.

  • If you notice some spillage has happened when your refuse or recycling has been collected, please use the "Report Spilled Refuse" button above. We’ll come and clear it up within one working day.

  • If you have just moved into a new home and need some recycling boxes, please use the "New Occupier - Request Bin/Box/Container" button above. We aim to deliver within five working days. Please note, as advised above Birmingham City Council no longer provide bags for the disposal of refuse or garden waste.

  • An assisted service is available for people who are elderly and infirm or those with a physical disability. We cannot enter your property but can arrange to pick items up from immediately outside the property e.g. front door or side door if accessible. Please use the "Request Assistance with Refuse and Recycling" button above to request this service.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • The crews can take small items left out with your bin bags. If it is a cardboard box it can be put out for collection by the paper collection crews. For the collection of larger items please go to our bulky waste collection page or see our recycling pages for information on organisations who will take it away and reuse it.

    • The crews are instructed to clear up any mess that may occur when they collect the rubbish. To avoid this happening please do not overfill the bags, tie them up and do not put out in advance of collections this will avoid vermin getting in and ripping the bags open.

    • The crews start at 6am so their finishing times will vary according to the amount of work they need to do to finish the round.