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Household Rubbish Collections

Birmingham City Council collects your household rubbish once a week.
Please read on for more information relating to rubbish collections and how to report spilled rubbish.

From this page you can:

The wheelie bin for your household rubbish has a grey lid. This 180 litre wheelie bin can hold 2-3 bags.

You must put all of your week's non-recyclable household rubbish into your wheelie bin, if you have one. We will not collect rubbish sacks that are left on the street, unless we have agreed that your home isn't suitable for wheelie bins. You cannot choose to continue using the sack collection service once you have a wheelie bin.

You are responsible for keeping your wheelie bin clean. You will find this easier if you only put bagged rubbish into it.

You should put your rubbish out at the front of your property between 3:30pm the day before your collection is due, and 6:00am on the day of your collection.

Things we will not collect as part of your household rubbish collection

You must only use it for household rubbish. Visit our commercial waste web pages for information on how to dispose of your business waste.

Do not put any of the following items in your household bins:

You can take all of the above, except asbestos, to your nearest Household Recycling Centre (Tip)

Report spilled rubbish

Our crews will do their best to collect your rubbish tidily, but if you believe they spilled some rubbish onto the street then we will return to clear it up. Please report the spill using the form below.

To complete this form you will need an online account. You can register an account here if you don't already have one.


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