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Red Routes - now on Stratford, Tyburn, and Walsall Roads

Red Routes are a way of making the most important roads in our region work for everyone.

By making the best use of our existing transport network, Red Routes will help keep traffic moving for the people who travel on our roads, the businesses based beside the routes and people who live nearby.

The red lines on the road are a clear signal to drivers to show where stopping restrictions are in place. Drivers who ignore this may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice -
  • Where there are double red lines, stopping or waiting is not allowed at any time, and
  • A single red line means that stopping or waiting is not allowed during the times shown on nearby road signs.
As part of the Red Routes scheme, authorised parking and loading areas are being provided, with clearer signs. Parking areas for people with disabilities and loading bays for delivery drivers will be clearly marked but stopping or parking on the red line is not allowed.

The benefits of Red Routes

By targeting inconsiderate parking, wee cutting congestion by keeping vehicles on the move.

Red Routes work. Here are just a few of the reported benefits:

  • Achieve an annual reduction in traffic accidents,
  • Improve general traffic travel times and reduce congestion,
  • Improve compliance and reduce the need for enforcement,
  • Provide better conditions for people with disabilities,
  • Provide better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.
Whether you travel by foot, bus, bike, car or lorry, Red Routes will help you to get where you need to be safer, with less delay and more reliably.

Why Red Routes are needed

Every driver who pulls over where they shouldn holds up the rest of the traffic, causing delays to journeys and increased congestion. By introducing Red Routes these delays are reduced and traffic flows more freely.

Every day, traffic congestion wastes time and money across the region. Investing in Red Routes shows that wee serious about putting a stop to this, making travel better for everyone.

How will Red Routes affect making a delivery?

We recognise that businesses need deliveries and the Red Routes Scheme includes special measures to meet their needs. These include:

  • Dedicated loading bays along the route. These are clearly signed to let delivery drivers know where and when unloading is allowed,
  • Loading bays will be regularly enforced: if other drivers park illegally within them they will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

I disabled - how will Red Routes affect me?

Red Routes have been carefully designed to make sure that disabled people benefit from their introduction.

We will make changes aimed at improving journeys for disabled people. These include:

  • Lower kerb heights at crossing places,
  • Parking bays for Blue Badge holders will be provided in useful locations, such as near shops and outside homes,
  • Blue Badge holder parking bays will be regularly enforced.

Contact Us

Red Route information line: 0121 675 4444
Vehicle removal team: 0121 333 4670