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Play Strategy for Birmingham

The Birmingham Play Strategy Partnership Group believes that there are not enough places for children and young people to go and play in Birmingham. We have written a Play Strategy, which explains why play is so important.

We consulted with children and adults in Birmingham. They told us the seven most important ways to improve play for children and young people in Birmingham are:

  1. Make sure that all adults in Birmingham know how important play is, and that there must be opportunities for children and young people to play and have things to do.
  2. Make sure that there are more supervised open access places that are near where children and young people live. Then, they can choose when to go, what to do when they are there, and how long they stay for and when they leave.
  3. Make sure that when children are looked after in childcare / playcare places they can choose for themselves what to do from lots of different things, and choose how and when to do it.
  4. Make sure that there is good quality outdoor unsupervised places like parks, playgrounds and open spaces for children to play near where they live.
  5. Make sure that ALL children, whoever they are, whatever their needs and wherever they are, have the chance to play. For example, they might be in hospital, have a disability, have to look after someone or not have been here in Birmingham very long.
  6. Make sure that the play that children and young people take part in is exciting and challenging without being too dangerous. Make sure that adults understand that it important to let children take some risks in play.
  7. Make sure that the places where children go to play are good quality, and that the people who work there understand children and how important play is.

The Children, Young People and Families Board has agreed that this Play Strategy and it's Action Plan should be put into action over the next few years.

The links to the documents below will take you to the Children's Services electronic document store, eBriefing. Select any link and the document window will open. Scroll down and select the red Open Document button to open the document. You can save each document to your own PC for reading or printing.

Play Strategy for Birmingham 2007 - 2012

Priorities for Action

Priority 1: Promote the benefits of play for children and young people in all areas and environments that they may interact with, and its impact in achieving the outcomes of Every Child Matters

Priority 2: Promote and support a range of quality provision for local supervised open access play

Priority 3: Promote and support a range of quality provision for year round local out of school play care, with particular emphasis on free play and choice.

Priority 4: Promote and support the increased use of local unsupervised play spaces and play facilities

Priority 5: Promote and support access to play for specialist children whose play needs are not being met because of their current circumstance

Priority 6: Promote and support children's opportunities to experience risk and challenge through play.

Priority 7: Promote and support quality standards across play, including access to education and training.