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Planning Online


You can use Planning Online to check on the progress of a current planning application and find out about planning decisions. If you have been consulted by us, the application number will be on the letter.

You can also use Planning Online to view the planning history on a property, as all applications back to 1948 are on that system.

Planning information is now available via a new mapping system on our Planning Register page.

If you require any further details please contact us.

Essential Information
  • On Planning Online you can:-

    • Search for Planning Applications and Appeals submitted to us since 1948. Please note that records prior to 1990 may be in less detail;
    • Comment on applications awaiting decision;
    • Produce weekly lists of received and determined applications;
    • View associated decision notices on applications received since January 2004; and
    • View associated plans and documents on applications received since January 2006
    • Monitor the progress of applications or appeals.

    Planning Online is continuously updated throughout the day. Application and appeal details will only be made available online once we have checked all information is complete. Accompanying documents are also updated daily.

    Please also note that you will not be able to submit online comments for any invalid applications. Occasionally applications are subsequently made invalid due to the provision of incomplete reports. This will prevent you from commenting on an application you may have previously viewed. If you would like to verify this or require further information please contact us
    • Decision Notices on applications received since January 2004
    • Associated plans and documents on applications received since January 2006

    All documents are available as Adobe PDF's. These can be viewed by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. We suggest using the latest version. For more information please visit our Guide to Attachments.

    Documents are updated every day.

    We try to ensure that all documents are of high quality and that file sizes are kept to a minimum. This will mean that some documents will be displayed as black and white. Some documents are however, quite large and may take some time to download.

    Select the document to open (opens in a new window as a PDF). You can then use the tools in Adobe Reader to enlarge, rotate or print if required. You can also measure an application plan by opening it using the measuring tool

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Personal information submitted with a planning application should be contained on a specific form which is not published to the website. Applicant and agent names will appear in the information screens.

      If you are submitting supporting information via a letter, this information is published to the website and therefore you might like to ensure phone numbers, signatures, emails addresses and personal information is omitted.

      If you make comments on a planning application, we do not currently publish these online, however they are available for inspection by the public and copies provided on request.

      Documents published include plans, applications forms and supporting information to ensure those consulted on the planning application have the relevant information to make informed comments.

      If you are requesting to speak at Planning Committee we may need to pass on your contact details to other speakers who have requested to speak on the same application. This is because there is a combined total of 3 minutes for all objectors to make their public address and the same for supporters of the application. Sharing the contact details allows requestors to collaborate a response together .

    • Error messages can occur when a search being carried out returns too many results or when there is a problem accessing a document.

      If you are carrying out a search, consider adding more search criteria to refine your search.

      If you cannot access a document, please contact us. We can often fix this problem quickly, but if we cannot we will arrange for a copy of the plans to be sent to you.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry
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