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Validation and Checklists

Regardless of how you submit your application it cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received. This is known as National and Local Validation Criteria.

National Validation Criteria

This is mandatory information however the Local Validation criteria is set by us. A composite list of our local validation criteria and associated documents are attached.

Important Information

Please note as from the 2nd November 2015 the following changes came into force see below.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Government’s requires local councils to implement a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for certain types of planning schemes.

As part of this implementation a Planning Application Additional Requirement form needs to be completed and submitted with each planning application, You can download the relevant form here

If you are submitting your planning application via the planning portal website, please upload your completed, saved, CIL Requirement Form in the Local Level requirements section of the document upload page, choosing the “CIL Questions” option from the document type dropdown list.

Planning applications received by us from Monday 2nd November 2015 that do not have this form accompanying the submission with be placed on hold awaiting the receipt of the completed form.

Administrative charges on invalid planning applications

Where additional information is required and not submitted, we will retain part of the submitted fee to off-set administration costs

Small-scale (fees upto £3,999) £30

Medium (fees £4,000-£9,999) £50

Large-scale (fees £10,000+) £150

Local Validation Criteria

We have prepared some simple validation checklists which will help you identify these criteria detailing what you need to include in your application.

Equalities Monitoring

Remember to also download and complete the equalities monitoring form below and submit it with your application.

List of Documents

You can download the relevant forms and associated documents here

Application Checklists

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Last Updated : 29th October 2015