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Planning Appeals


A planning applicant has a right of appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if -

  • No decision has been reached on the planning application within the statutory period
  • The planning application is refused
  • The applicant does not agree with one or more of the conditions on a planning approval

There is no third party right of appeal, ie someone who objects to a planning application does not have a right to appeal if the application is approved.

Appeals can be time consuming and expensive. Before you choose to appeal, it is worth speaking to the planning officer who dealt with your application to see if there is a compromise and submit an amended application.

More recent information on planning appeals and planning decisions is held on Planning Online.

Essential Information

  • ·Written Representations - this is the quickest method. The appellant and the Council prepare written statements for the Planning Inspectorate to consider. A Planning Inspector will visit the site and then issue a decision.

    ·Informal Hearing - This is a discussion of the planning issues involved between the Council and the appellant which is led by the Planning Inspector.

    ·Public Inquiry - each side presents its case verbally before an Inspector and the witnesses for each side can be cross-examined by the opposing parties. This is usually a more lengthy and expensive procedure as it normally involves professional representation and complex arguments.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Appeals in relation to householder applications must be submitted within 12 weeks of the date shown on our decision notice and for advertisement applications the period is 8 weeks.

      The time period for all other types of application appeals is 6 months, except for lawful development certificate applications for which there is no time limit.

    • The Planning Inspectorate works for the central government department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and are independent inspectors of planning decisions.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

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