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Places for Living

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Places for Living is concerned with the delivery of good design in residential developments across the city. It is a sister document to Places for All that is concerned with the delivery of good design everywhere. The main design principles in both documents are similar and complimentary and the documents should be used together.

There are five over-riding design principles that cover a range of issues concerned with development.

  • Places not estates - Residential developments must address wider issues than simply building houses, they should create distinctive places that include complimentary and supporting uses as well as a choice of housing tenure, type and size.
  • Moving around easily - Places should be linked together by short direct routes that are made safer by being overlooked by the fronts of buildings.
  • Safe places, private spaces - Spaces around buildings should be clearly defined as public or private. All spaces should be safe by design and private spaces should be secure by design.
  • Building for the future - Buildings and spaces should be designed sustainably, be adaptable and reusable to ensure a long and viable life
  • Build on local character - Developments must consider the place where they are being built and exploit and strengthen the characteristics that make the place special

The value of good design is widely recognised the key is for developers to employ skilled designers at an early stage and to take a holistic approach to design in order to provide the best solution for each individual scheme.

The document below explains the design issues we will be taking into account when we receive a planning application. It has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Document Status: Statutory Policy Document - Adopted March 2001

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