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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Paying Your Rent


The Rent Service opening hours have now changed to 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

You can now manage all of your housing payments in one place by registering for an individual online account. You can:

  • Pay more than one housing account in a single payment
  • Check all your account balances
  • View and print account statements

As well as paying your council rent you can also pay for the following:

  • Council garage rent
  • Rent owed from a previous council tenancy
  • Housing benefit overpayments.

Please note: to have access to these options, you must upgrade your individual online account through a short verification process. For a full list of accounts you can pay online, see ‘Essential Information’.

Essential Information
  • If you would like to set up a Direct Debit or cancel/amend an existing Direct Debit you will need to have an online account with us, you can set this up by registering an online account.

    You will only be able to cancel/amend a Direct Debit on accounts with an up to date balance. If the account has been set up to pay a debt you will need to contact the rent service in order to cancel/amend the Direct Debit.

    If you are setting up a Direct Debit and your bank account requires joint signatures, or the Direct Debit is being set up from someone else’s bank account, you will need to download, complete and post the paper Direct Debit mandate to us. You will find the Direct Debit mandate at the bottom of the page. See contacts for our postal address.

    Direct Debits can be set up either on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 21st or 28th of the month or weekly on a Monday or Friday. You must continue paying your rent until the first Direct Debit instalment date.

    You can also pay the following housing accounts by Direct Debit:

    • Rent owed from previous tenancy
    • Housing benefit overpayment
    • Council garages.
  • You can pay rent weekly, fortnightly , monthly or any frequency to suit you as long as payments are made in advance. For the payment frequencies for other housing accounts see problems paying your rent or other housing accounts.

    You can pay your rent or other housing account charges using the following methods unless stated otherwise:

    Credit/debit card:

    Using your online account via WorldPay

    Using the automatic payment line on 0121 464 2001, 24 hours a day.

    At a Pay Zone outlet: You can pay your rent with cash or debit card at a local PayZone outlet. You will need your rent payment card.

    At the Post Office: You can pay rent by cash or cheque at a local post office. You will need your rent payment card.

    At a PayPoint outlet: You can pay rent with cash only at a local PayPoint outlet. You will need your rent payment card.

    Telephone/internet banking:

    To set up telephone/internet banking payments you will need the following details:

    Payee details: Birmingham City Council - Housing Income
    Bank name: Barclays bank
    Sort code: 20-07-74
    Account number: 33620360

    Housing payment card:

    Housing payment cards can be used at PayPoint or PayZone outlets, they can also be used at any post office.

    The list below shows which housing accounts can be paid using a housing payment card:

    • Rent
    • Rechargeable repair (repair for damage caused by the tenant)
    • Rent account (garage charges)
    • Arrears owing at a previous tenancy
    • An overpayment of Housing Benefit
    • Temporary Accommodation

    To order a Housing payment card ring our rent service on 0121 675 2006. You will be prompted to make an upfront payment if you are ordering a rent payment card, to prevent your rent from falling into debt while waiting for the card.

  • If your rent account is in debt and you are not able to clear the balance in full, you should call the Rent Service on 0121 675 2006.

    If you want to make a payment of less than £3.00 you must set up a Direct Debit.

    Please remember that your rent is a priority debt which means that your home is at risk if you do not keep up to date with your payments.

    If you are having problems paying the following:

    • Garage rent
    • Rent owed from a previous council tenancy
    • Housing benefit overpayment
    • Court costs.

    Call the Rent Service on 0121 675 2006.

    Please call Revenue and Collection on 0121 675 2420 if you are having problems paying any of the following:

    • Repairs for damage caused by the tenant (Void rechargeable repairs, responsive repairs and urgent repairs only)
    • Sundry debt garage (for garages rented by non council tenants)
    • Heat lease
    • Parking spaces
    • Careline alarms (supporting people)
    • Warden charges (supporting people)
    • Service charge - gas
    • Service charge - water
    • Service charge – tv licences
    • Removal/Storage costs
    • Temporary accommodation charges
    • Land
    • Overpaid Birmingham City Council salary.
  • If you are making a rent payment on behalf of someone else, you will need the name and address of the council tenant whose rent you are paying.

    If you are paying any other housing account apart from a rent account, a payment reference number must be provided. You will need to use your own credit or debit card to make the payment.

    If you are making payments on more than one account, please ensure you have the payment reference numbers.

    If you are going to be acting on behalf of someone else please visit our Acting on behalf of page.

  • Rent Service
    PO Box 16564
    B2 2FU
    0121 675 2006

  • The Council has appointed Barclays Bank to provide its banking services from 31st March, in place of the The Co-op Bank.

    If you are a Birmingham citizen, individual or a business who make payments to the Council, you may need to take action, so please take a few minutes to read the following information. If you need to change the bank account information you hold for making payments to the Council, please do this through your own bank, either online or through a branch before 31st March 2015.

    If you currently pay the Council by Direct Debit you will not be affected by this change and NO action is required. If you would like to change your payment method to Direct Debit please see the information above.

    Payment options

    Do I have to do anything?
    What will you need to do before 31st March
    Direct Debit


    All direct debits will automatically change over to Barclays bank.
    Online payment (via the council's website)


    You will not need to do anything different when making payments on the Councils website.
    Online payment (via your own bank)


    You will need to amend your existing instruction with your bank, changing it to the new Barclays account details as provided below.
    Paying In Slip (on the bottom of your bill/invoice/reminder)


    Your new bill/invoice/reminder will have the Barclays Bank details printed on it. Please ensure you use this to make your payment. Please do NOT use old bills/invoices/reminders/ paying in slip with The Co-op bank details on it.
    Payment Booklets


    Ensure you use the latest booklet sent to you as this should contain the new Barclays bank account details. If you have not received a new payment booklet by 28th February please contact the ‘Payment Enquiries’ telephone number as shown in your booklet.
    Standing Order


    You will need to amend your existing mandate with your bank, changing it to the new Barclays account details as provided below.

    The new Barclays Bank sort code and account number:

    Payment Sort Code Account Number Account Name
    Housing (including Rents)

    33620360 BCC - Housing Income

    Address for Barclays Bank:

    15 Colmore Row
    B3 2BH

    Please note any delay in making the changes by the 31st March 2015 may lead to payments not being credited to your account with the Council in a timely manner.

    Important note: In connection with our move to Barclays Bank the Council will NOT contact citizens, schools or businesses through unsolicited phone calls or emails to ask for personal bank account details, other confidential information or to ask for payments to be made into a Barclays or any other bank account. Any such requests should be treated as suspicious and reported immediately to the Council’s Corporate Fraud Team Tel: 0121 303 2185.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your co-operation during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Yes, you can make one payment and split the amount across a maximum of 10 of your accounts.

    • We accept all cards apart from American Express and Diners Club.

    • Because you owe a debt to the City Council and failure to pay the debt could result in your account being passed to a debt collection agency.

    • You may have an ongoing charge for a service such as a Careline alarm or an outstanding debt such as a housing benefit overpayment.

    • If you do not understand our documents, then please ask a friend or relative, who understands English, to contact us. We will then arrange for an interpreter to speak to you in your language.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need, then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry - Rents