Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Open Data

We publish various sets of data for you to download and reuse. These are listed below.

Local Government Transparency Code 2014

The council is committed to open data publication under the new local government transparency code 2014. Data about expenditure exceeding £500, Government Procurement Card transactions, procurement information including the existing waste contract can now be found at http://data.birmingham.gov.uk/

Details of the other datasets can be found at the links / attachments below.

Controlled parking spaces

Information about counter-fraud work

 PDF Fraud Transparency Data 2014-15 (Size: 86.0 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: OGL2.0, except where otherwise stated

Local authority land

 BCC Property data - .csv, .xls, and .pdf (Size: 2.17 Mb Type: zip )

Copyright: OGL2.0, except where otherwise stated

The attached report lists the Council’s property assets that meet the requirements and definitions under the code and so includes for example:

  • all service and office properties occupied or controlled by user bodies, both freehold and leasehold
  • any properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts
  • all other properties they own or use, for example, hostels, laboratories, investment properties and depots

But note it also excludes

  • social housing, and
  • operational public highways

This list of assets is published in UPRN numerical order.

The register will be published annually at a minimum. For clarity purposes a date of publication is given against each asset.

In the interests of keeping the costs of publication to a minimum, the Council has published the data in a plain, simple .pdf and excel format.

Third part licensing prevents the Council making certain data available for open unrestricted consumption specifically Ordnance Survey Eastings and Northings. This further data is available upon request and completion of a suitable third party end user licence in accordance with the Council’s own Licence restrictions

Trade union facility time

 PDF Trade Union DT data for 2013-14 (Size: 57.3 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: OGL2,0, except where otherwise stated

Car parks

 PDF Car parks (Size: 6.99 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: OGL2.0, except where otherwise stated

Parking Finance Statements

In respect of parking revenues, the authority has used the surpluses in line with the requirement of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 (Section 55-4) with regard to the On Street Car Parking and Civil Enforcement Income. Specifically this has been used to support the general improvement in the highway infrastructure as part of our traffic management responsibilities.

 PDF S55 Parking Finance Statements (Size: 10.2 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: OGL2.0, except where otherwise stated

You can also see what else we publish, listed in our Publication Scheme; and make your own requests to see data, under the Freedom of Information Act.

Postcode Stock Valuation

Valuation of HRA dwellings by postcode

The valuations provided for the housing stock with the HRA are set out on two bases as follows:

  1. Open Market Value (OMV) – which is an estimate of the value of each property if sold with vacant possession between a willing buyer and a willing seller. For those properties where an open market value cannot be established, properties are valued based on a discounted cash flow basis for their existing use.
  2. Existing Use Value – Social Housing (EUV-SH), which takes open market value for the individual dwellings and applies a discount factor to reflect the reduced value as a result of use for social housing. For 2015/16, EUV-SH is calculated as 34% of OMV.

The publication of this information is not intended to suggest that tenancies should end to realise the market value of properties.

 PDF Postcode Stock Valuation 2015/16 (Size: 7.15 Kb Type: PDF )

Copyright: OGL2.0, except where otherwise stated


For more information about open data in the UK visit data.gov.uk.

Data published here is done so under the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information, version 2.0.