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Day services for older people

What services do we provide?

The Adults and Communities Directorate of Birmingham City Council provides a range of day services for older people.

These services are designed to:

  • help people to maintain their independence, by helping them to care for themselves, carry out tasks of daily living and maintain and improve personal skills
  • assist in maintaining links with the community and avoid social isolation
  • provide carers with an opportunity to have their own space and time, by offering relief from the stress of caring, support during any health problems, and time for themselves.

Day services are usually offered in day centres. Some day centres specialise in assisting people with either mental frailty or physical disability, and some centres provide services to specific groups of minority ethnic older people such as Chinese, Asian, or African-Caribbean elders.

Centres have vehicles which take wheelchairs and some are open during the evenings and weekends. We can arrange transport to and from the centre, if this is needed.

Who can get day services?

Day services may be available to you if you have a disability due to physical or mental frailty or have other care needs.

Staff from your local Adults and Communities Office will confidentially discuss with you and your carer your concerns and your home circumstances. This information will be recorded and will form your Community Care Assessment, from which we work out what services you are eligible for.

Is there a charge?

Charges are made for day services and reviewed annually. The charges include meal and refreshment costs.

If you attend a day centre there will often be a choice of special activities, for example outings, shopping trips, or theatre visits,which will be charged separately.

Standards to expect

Standards for day services are based on those specified in the Charter of Rights for People Who Use Day Services. The Charter states that people receiving day services have:

  • the right to a service from experienced, trained, and supervised staff
  • the right to take part in making your own personal care plan, to be given a copy of your care plan, and to have regular reviews of the services provided for you
  • the right to expect management and staff to respect your independence
  • the right to comfortable, accessible, safe, and punctual transport where provided
  • the right to have access to any records kept about you
  • the right of access to the formal complaints procedure and to be represented by a friend or adviser should you wish.

More information and contact details

If you would like more information about day services for older people, please contact OPAS (Older People's Access Service).

Phone: 0121 303 1234

Textphone: 0121 303 6230

Email: OlderPeoplesAccessService@birmingham.gov.uk.

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