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Council Tax - Notification of Deceased


If you have recently had a bereavement, firstly, we would like to express our condolences at this difficult time.

You can use the form button 'Notify us of a Death' above . It will help to have the following information to hand:

o The name of the deceased and their date of death;

o The executor or administrators’ details;

o The name and address of the solicitor dealing with the estate; and

o The date probate or letters of administration were granted.

The following explains how the council tax is affected if the occupier or owner of a property dies.

Essential Information
  • If two or more adults aged 18 years or over are resident in the property then the full amount of council tax is payable.

    However, if there now only remains one adult over 18 resident in the property then, you will qualify for a single person discount. This means that your council tax bill will be reduced by 25%.

  • When we are notified of the death we will decide who is now liable to pay. Please do not make any payments using the deceased person’s payment documents, even if a payment is overdue on their account.

  • The property is exempt until probate is granted or letters of administration are obtained. Exemption then continues for up to six months afterwards if the property remains unoccupied. It doesn’t matter whether the unoccupied property is furnished or unfurnished.

    This exemption does not apply if the deceased left the property to a beneficiary in their will. In this case the beneficiary becomes liable for council tax at the date of death as they are deemed to become the owner on that date.

    It is important that you let us know if you sell the house or if some moves in.

  • If the deceased person was receiving council tax benefit and lived alone, we will end their entitlement as soon as the death is reported to us. However, if you were jointly liable with the deceased person your financial circumstances will change. This in turn will affect how much council tax benefit you’re entitled to receive.

    For further advice or to report these changes to the Benefit Service please use the on line change of circumstances form

  • Name: Birmingham Elections Office

    Phone: (0121) 303 2731

    Email Address: elections@birmingham.gov.uk

    Name: Birmingham Register Office

    Phone: 0121 675 1000

    Email Address: register.office@birmingham.gov.uk

    Name: Birmingham Debt Advice

    Phone: 0121 303 2087

    Name: Business Rates

    Phone: 0121 303 5511

    Email Address: business_rates@birmingham.gov.uk

    Name: Council Tax Office

    Phone: (0121) 303 1113

    Email Address: counciltax@birmingham.gov.uk

    Name: National Debt Line

    Phone: 0808 808 4000

    Email advice via www.nationaldebtline.co.uk

    Name: Valuation Office Agency

    Phone: 03000 501501

    Email Address: ctwest@voa.gsi.gov.uk

    Name: Valuation Tribunal Service

    Phone: 0300 123 2035

    Email Address: VTDoncaster@vts.gsi.gov.uk

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