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Dealing with a Bereavement


This page covers the following areas:

  • Registering a death
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Bereavement allowance
  • Birmingham and Solihull Coroner.
Essential Information
  • Deaths can be registered at Birmingham's Register Office. There is no charge for registering a birth or death. If you require certificates at the time of registering a fee is payable for each certificate.

  • Birmingham’s Social Care and Health Service can arrange a sensitive funeral for those people who die within the city boundaries. Support and advice is also available for people who have not experienced bereavement before or feel that they may need help in arranging a funeral.

    Staff at the city’s Cemeteries and Crematoria service can offer sympathetic advice and help including information on the various forms of memorialisation available. Please also visit Frequently Asked Questions helpful when arranging a funeral.

  • There are 11 cemeteries and 3 crematoriums throughout the City which cover an area of approximately 439 acres. The 3 crematoria have cemeteries on the same site.

    They are:

    • Yardley
    • Lodge Hill
    • Sutton Coldfield

    You will find the cemeteries and crematorium addresses, telephone numbers and links to pages giving location details and opening times in Contact Details.

    Other information Sources:

  • If you need help, either financial or other, with a funeral then please refer to Funeral Arrangements Help or Funeral Expenses Payment.

  • New grave spaces are only available at Kings Norton, Handsworth, Quinton, Sutton New Hall and Witton Cemeteries - there are no new grave spaces available at the other cemeteries. If you wish to buy a grave please contact the Bereavement Officer at the appropriate cemetery.

    You will find details of grave prices on Charges for Services.

    You will find information regarding Public Graves in the Rules and Regulations.

  • There are memorial schemes at the three Crematoria - Lodge Hill, Yardley and Sutton Coldfield. For further information please contact the appropriate crematorium or go to the Memorial Pages for online information.

    You should contact the Bereavement Officer for information regarding the placing of a memorial on a grave. You will need a permit to erect a memorial on a grave. Charge varies depending on the type of memorial. Details of the permit charges associated with memorials on grave can be found in Charges for Services.

    You will find guidance on Rules and Regulations regarding memorials in cemeteries in points 17-24.

  • Cruse Bereavement Care offers free information and advice to anyone who has been affected by a death.

    The Compassionate Friends (TCF) is an organisation of bereaved parents and their families offering understanding, support and encouragement to others after the death of a child or children.

  • A new system of bereavement benefits for men and women was introduced in April 2001. The new system does not affect women who were getting benefits under the previous scheme and who qualify under the new rules.

    More Information on Bereavement Entitlements can be found on the Job Centre Plus website.

  • A coroner is responsible for enquiring into those deaths reported to him/her. It is his/her duty to find out the medical cause of the death if it is unknown, and to enquire about the cause of death if it was due to violence or was otherwise unnatural.

    Information about the Birmingham and Solihull Coroner.

  • Some of the services incur a charge as detailed in Memorials Fees and Charges and Charges for Services. Any services requested online can be paid for by credit/debit card online. The cemetery or crematoria offices will accept payment by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

    If you receive an invoice from Bereavement Services, you can pay in a number of ways.

    Find out more on our How to Pay Page.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Eleven Cemeteries and three Crematoria are situated throughout the City and cover an area of approximately 439 acres. The three crematoria - Yardley, Lodge Hill and Sutton Coldfield - have cemeteries on the same site.

      You will find the Cemeteries and Crematoria addresses, telephone numbers and links to pages giving location details and opening times in Contact Details.

    • Generally the cost of burial is much higher than the fee charged for cremation. Cremation usually necessitates the production of medical certificates for which fees are payable to doctors concerned. These certificates are not required when the death has been referred to and investigated by a Coroner (Procurator Fiscal in Scotland) or when burial is required, although in this case, in addition to the charges for interment, a number of other fees for grave purchase, memorials and grave maintenance may be incurred.

    • A full religious service may be conducted at the crematorium within the time allowed for each funeral. Alternatively, a service may take place in any separate place of worship followed by a brief committal ceremony at the crematorium. Families can arrange for their particular Minister to conduct the service or when required Funeral Directors may secure the services of a suitable Minister on behalf of the family.

    • Deaths can be registered at Birmingham’s Register Office. There is no charge for registering a birth or death. If you require certificates at the time of registering there is £3.50 for each certificate.