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Northfield Local Action Plan

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Northfield is a busy vibrant centre providing locally accessible shops, services, leisure, education, entertainment and community facilities as well as places of work at the heart of the Northfleld community.

The Northfield Local Action Plan was prepared in 2000. It sets out the framework for the physical and economic regeneration of Northfield and aims to revitalise the Centre and create an attractive and healthy environment through stimulating development.

A pdf version of the plan is below along with a map showing the area covered by the proposals. Please note that the shopping policies contained in paragraphs 4.17 - 4.21 and the local centre boundary have been superseded by the Shopping and Local Centres SPD, adopted in March 2012.

Northfield Local Action Plan Proposals Map (Size: 1.42 Mb Type: PDF )

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Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted June 2000

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Last Updated : 30th January 2014