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A-level success story for Birmingham

A-level success story for Birmingham

Early indications suggest Birmingham is on track to achieving another year's sustained improvement in A-level results achieved by pupils.

Nearly 3,150 young people have been finding out today how they did in exams taken during the summer at 40 schools across the city.

The city's head of schools Cllr Les Lawrence last night claimed the results highlighted Birmingham's educational strength and also emphasised the importance of learning to young people in the current economic climate.

Early analysis of results from three quarters of city schools suggest the improvement rate will be in line with the national increase of 0.3 per cent.

It is also anticipated that almost all candidates will achieve at least one pass and most are expected to be at the higher A to C grades.

Cllr Les Lawrence, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families, said: "These are excellent results for our city and Birmingham's students and teachers should be congratulated for their hard work.

"It is very pleasing to see that we look set to improve our results again which once more underlines what a great educational offering we have across the whole city.

"This is an excellent rebuttal to those who would say that A-levels have become easier.

"There has been a lot of negative publicity this week about growing unemployment among young people in the current recession, increased competition for university places and rising university debt which might make some young people question what is the point of all this hard work?

"To them I would say good A-level or equivalent results are more important than ever. It is the one thing that will give you a head-start to a good university and ultimately to a rewarding and fulfilling job.

"We must do everything to encourage our young to stay in education and maximise their life chances."

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  • Issue date: 21 August 2009