Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

New Discoveries

Excavations of historic sites in Birmingham help us build pictures, from the remains of ancient buildings and possessions, of the lives of people who have lived here throughout the ages. Modern-day buildings now stand on many of these sites, but when a site is to be redeveloped, the Council works with the developer to record the remains by requiring new or further excavations.

These can unearth fresh finds which may radically alter the picture we have of how the site was used and the way of life of local people hundreds and even thousands of years ago. On the pages below are some examples of how recent excavations have changed our view of Birmingham's past.

Romans in Kings Norton

Industries along the River Rea

High Street Bordesley

Prehistoric Roman Northfield and Bournville

Prehistoric and Roman Perry Barr

Prehistoric Eastside

Burage Plots and Leather Tanning in Digbeth

City Centre Backyards

A Brick Kiln in Saltley

Sutton Park as Never Seen Before

Medieval Aston

Brassworks Under the Library of Birmingham

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Last Updated : 3rd September 2013