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Moving Home


Our Housing Service pages offer a wide range of information on all aspects of housing in the city. This includes advice on Finding Somewhere to Live, Renting Privately and Council Properties, and buying a home.

Essential Information
  • The BBC website provides extensive information on buying a home, including advice on choosing an estate agent, and current property news.

    Our Buying Your Council Property page gives information for who are interested in purchasing their rented council property.

  • Remember that, when moving home, there will be a number of parties who must be informed of your change address.

    The I Am Moving website provides a free service, informing your service providers, (including utility companies, Government agencies, financial institutions, even magazine subscriptions) of your new address.

  • When you move, your TV licence doesn’t. Some people assume that their TV Licence is assigned to them, rather than the property, but that is not the case.

    Contact TV Licensing in order to transfer your licence to your new address, by visiting the TV Licensing website or calling 0870 242 3349. If you want to change your address online, make sure you have your licence details to hand.

  • The Financial Services Authority's Guide to Mortgages gives advice on choosing the right mortgage, plus information on interest rates and keeping up repayments.

    The BBC website features a Mortgage Calculator, a quick and easy way to estimate monthly mortgage repayments on a range of loans.

    The Department for Work and Pensions offer information regarding financial Help with Rent Payments, alongside advice on available benefits including Council Tax Benefit.

    Our Council Tax pages give information relating to all aspects of Council Tax payments, including advice on available Discounts and Exemptions.

  • If you are considering moving to the city, you may also find the following information useful;

    Local Schools: Birmingham Grid for Learning - Provides information regarding schools in the city including OFSTED Report for the area.

    Leisure Facilities & Tourist Information : Visit Birmingham & Arts Central - Provides information on tourist attractions in the city. Further information regarding leisure facilities, cultural attractions and events can be found on the Leisure Pages of Birmingham.gov.uk.

    Travel Information: Transport Information Pages - Provides contact details for local transport providers.

    Local Economic Information: Birmingham Economy - Provides local economic reports and ward information. For information about areas of the city see our Ward Pages.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • When moving home there are a number of parties who must be informed of your change of address, such as:

      • TV Licensing;
      • Utility Companies i.e. British gas;
      • Government Agencies;
      • Financial institutions;
      • Magazine subscriptions.

      The I Am Moving website provides a free service informing your service providers.