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Licensing Massage and Special Treatments

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To provide body massage, solaria/sunbeds, saunas, therapeutic spa baths, Jacuzzis, herbal baths and/or aromatherapy you will require a licence under the Birmingham City Council Act 1990.
This page tells you about massage and special treatment licences and how to apply.

Under the Birmingham City Council Act 1990 the Council has powers to licence premises that provide "massage and special treatments". This includes treatments such as:

  • body massage;
  • solaria/sunbeds;
  • saunas;
  • therapeutic spa baths;
  • jacuzzis;
  • herbal baths;
  • aromatherapy.

Each premises is subject to an annual inspection to ensure that conditions at those premises meet health and safety requirements and have adequate washing and hygiene facilities. The West Midlands Police are required to be notified of all licence applications.

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