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Local Arts Activity

The Culture Commissioning Service manages a range of activities which engage local people on their doorsteps, whilst supporting the growth and development of artists and companies working in this area. Contributing to the Council’s priority of improving residents’ quality of life by providing opportunities that inspires and encourages creativity. These activities bring local people together with their neighbours and help to build a sense of individual identity and community cohesion.

Culture Officers advise District colleagues in developing a local Arts infrastructure by supporting local Arts Planning, Arts Forums and the sharing of information.

Local Arts Fora

The Culture Commissioning Service has initiated the Local Arts Forum incentive in each of the city's ten Districts since 2011. Local Arts Fora offer a flexible network for advocating the Arts at a District level and helping to develop capacity for the Arts locally through effective partnerships and ways of working. Each Arts Forum has a respective Arts Champion (see below) and a coordinator that has an overview of the cultural offering across their area. To find out more about how to get involved please click here

Arts Champions Scheme

Birmingham City Council supports a range of large-scale arts organisations which provide a year round programme of international quality mainly in the City Centre. The Arts Champions scheme pairs each of these organisations with a district (comprising four wards), to enable all our residents to benefit from this investment in their local area. The Arts Champions have been active in local neighbourhoods since 2005, delivering projects and supporting neighbourhood planning for arts. The projects that are undertaken are an interesting mix of artistic branding and community input. To find out what is going in your area please click here

Connecting Communities 2014 - 2015

In 2014 – 2015, Birmingham City Council has partnered with DCLG and Arts Council England in funding a research and development project; that sees all arts fora develop projects that are genuinely informed by local residents and what arts activities they see as being relevant to their area. This exciting phase of local arts for Birmingham will be benchmarked against three other cities; Bradford, Burnley and Bristol who are also undertaking the initiative. Projects begin to be delivered in August 2014 and Birmingham residents can get involved by contacting your local art forum. Findings will be presented in a sharing in March 2015.

Contact Ginnie.Wollaston@birmingham.gov.uk to find out more.

Birmingham City Council Culture Commissioning Tel: 0121 303 2434, email: arts.team@birmingham.gov.uk, www.birmingham.gov.uk/arts