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Lighting Places

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Lighting Places is designed to guide lighting proposals made as part of new developments and to enhance existing streets, buildings and spaces, including water. It aims to draw together a variety of different lighting initiatives, to encourage lighting schemes as part of festivals and celebrations and to recognise the role lighting in the City Centre can play in publicising Birmingham to a widespread audience.

Lighting in all its forms should

  • Create an exciting and dynamic night-time city environment
  • Develop an iconic city skyline
  • Increase the vibrancy of the City Centre
  • Contribute to the expansion of the functions of the City Centre over a wider area and enhance the distinctiveness of the City Centre Quarters

Lighting the City is concerned with more than just illuminating an area. It is a key element that affects how we feel about a place. It is also about creating a high quality image of the city at night and about using light efficiently and sustainably.

The document below explains the issues we will be taking into account when we receive a planning application for a development involving lighting proposals. It has been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document.

Document Status: Statutory Policy Document– Adopted June 2008

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Last Updated : 17th January 2012