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Licensing Act 2003 Public Register

Licensing Act 2003 Public Register

By clicking on the above link you can browse the Licensing Act 2003 Public Register which will enable you to view and conduct advanced searches on all Personal, Premises, Club Premises Certificates and Temporary Event Notices ISSUED by this authority including PENDING applications.

When there are premises' licences which are SUBJECT TO REVIEW you can view the notice by selecting the relevant link below:


Caspian Way International Mini Market

Collingbourne Wines

Spotlight and Next Door

  • Read the full Licensing Act 2003 on www.legislation.gov.uk for more information regarding the general determination, granting and rejection of licences. If you require more information on specific applications or licences issued please contact the Licensing Section.

For further information or to view any of the applications included on the attached list contact:

Licensing Section,
Crystal Court,
Aston Business Park,
50 Rocky Lane,
B6 5RQ,

(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9am-4pm
Wednesday 10am-4pm
Friday 9am-3:30pm)

Tel: 0121 303 9896
Fax: 0121 303 9982

E-mail: licensing@birmingham.gov.uk