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Ley Hill Development Framework

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Ley Hill is located between Bartley Green and Weoley Wards, approximately seven miles to the south-west of the City Centre. (There is another Ley Hill in Sutton Coldfield).

This Development Framework provides a vision for the future development of the area and was produced with the local community.

The proposals seek to create a new sustainable neighbourhood which will include:

  • over 440 new family homes
  • retaining and improving over 100 existing homes
  • new mixed-tenure high quality housing with a wide variety of property types
  • regenerating local community facilities and Ley Hill Recreation Ground
  • improving several local schools
  • improving the local infrastructure
  • proposals encouraging greater use of public transport
  • maximising links to employment and training opportunities

In February 2004, we adopted the Framework and Concept Plan as Supplementary Planning Guidance. This means that they will be used to guide future development and planning application decisions.

In January 2014, the regeneration was three-quarters complete, with around 370 new homes completed or under construction.

A copy of the Framework and its appendices is below, along with a plan showing the area covered by the proposals.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted February 2004

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Last Updated : 3rd February 2014