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Lay Assessors

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The Considerate Contractor Scheme was set up to monitor the majority of street works taking place in Birmingham. Lay assessors are an important part of the monitoring process; collecting data on how highway and utility contractors are performing on the city highway. Lay assessors provide a snap shot, random audit, of a site. This data set is a crucial part of the analysis process.

Each year their contribution is recognised at the annual Considerate Contractor Awards Ceremony.

Who can be a lay assessor?

Everyone has the potential to be a lay assessor. The City Council welcomes volunteers from all parts of the Community. We are particularly keen to involve people; with disabilities, from ethnic minority groups, of all age groups.

How do the lay assessors contribute?

Lay assessors complete regular performance monitoring forms; this enables the City Council to collect a wealth of impartial data about how contractors are working on the Streets of Birmingham. This data is then fed back to managers and the contractors to improve standards and develop good practice, whilst carrying out work on the highway.

The Considerate Contractor Streetworks Scheme also offers residents an opportunity to make their views count and to have more contact with the City Council, on highway related matters.

What are the responsibilities of a lay assessor?

While one must have a basic understanding of the various requirements and regulations I believe firmly that the role of a lay assessor is to look at situations from the standpoint of a member of he public and form a common sense view.

It is appropriate to speak to workers about their site and to explain my interest but it is not for me as a layman, to comment in detail about their work; a perceived major hazard must be reported promptly to HIGHWAYS to enable a professional assessment to be made.
Alex Evans, Lay Assessor

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