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Libraries Catalogue


The new online library catalogue is now available. You can renew your books by going to this page and logging in.
You can also choose to search just the Children's Catalogue (Please note that most of the books in Centre for the Child are temporarily unavailable).

About the catalogue

You can find out on the internet whether Birmingham Libraries has the book that you want.
BUT, if you are going out especially to get a certain book, it's always better to
telephone that library first to make certain it's there.

Go straight to the Children's Catalogue or read our helpful hints below on how to use the catalogue.

Finding the book you want

To search for the book you want, you can choose Title, Author or Subject.

If you know what the book is called you can click on Title and then type in the name of the book. So if you type in Twilight you will see a list of all the books and talking books called Twilight.

If you liked Lily Alone, you might want to read more books by the same writer, Jacqueline Wilson. Click on Author and type in her name. You need to put her surname first like this: Wilson, Jacqueline.

If you have homework on a particular topic like Earthquakes or the Egyptians, you can click on Subject and type in words to find books about these subjects. Click on one of the books in the list to find out more about the book.

Quick Search
You can choose just your local library if you want to know what is available to borrow near you. You can also use the Quick Search to look for different types of things to borrow such as graphic novels, recorded music or DVDs.

Reference Books
Not all books that are in the catalogue can be borrowed. Some are just for reference and can only be looked at in the library. This is so that these books are always there for everyone to see. Examples include Homework Collections.

Central Library special note: Most Central Library and Centre for the Child books, CDs and DVDs are temporarily unavailable. This is because staff are getting ready to move to the new Library of Birmingham in 2013. Find out about the changes in opening hours and availability of library materials.

Renewing your books
You can find out from the catalogue what books you already have out on loan and when you should take them back. You can also renew them unless someone else has reserved them. Sign in with your library card number and PIN. (You can find out your PIN number from your local library if you don't already know it but remember to keep it secret so that no one else can use your card).

Reserving books
If the book you want is not at your local library or is out on loan to someone else, you can reserve it online through the catalogue and choose which library you want to collect it from. Children can reserve up to 4 items at a time. We will let you know when the book is ready to collect - you can choose whether you would like us to email or text you.

Don't forget, the library has lots of other things to borrow as well as books, such as stories on CD. You can even borrow music CDs from some libraries for a small charge.

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