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INVOLVE - Northfield Young Peoples Forum

Who are we?

We are the voice of young people in Northfield. Aged from 12-19, we attend schools or colleges within the local area. We use the name INVOLVE to represent ourselves, as one of our aims is to involve all young people in our area in activities which they may not have been able to do!

What do we do?

We have been given funding from the local government, to use wisely amongst young people in our area who may be struggling with financial difficulty in pursuing certain activities. We can then call ourselves grant givers. Not only do we develop many life skills during this process, we are the voice for young people within this area. This means that councillors or MPs can listen to our ideas and opinions, and we can express them ourselves rather than somebody doing it for us.

Why would you be interested?

If you're interested in helping to make the decisions for young people in Northfield, then you need to become part of INVOLVE. It means that from a young age, you can develop many useful skills, including organisation, teamwork, communication and leadership skills, learnt through residentials, socials and general meetings.

Who should get in touch?

If you don't mind giving up a few hours of your time per month, to help emphasise the importance of young people having a voice in society, getting your opinions across to influential people in Northfield and more widely, then you should be getting in touch with us!

INVOLVE Conference

Involve Meetings

All young people in the area are welcome to become members of Involve and attend our meetings.

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