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High Speed 2 (HS2)

The UK's railways support 1.25bn passenger journeys per year and growing levels of rail freight. Railways connect people to jobs and businesses to markets in a way that's good for the environment and reduces road congestion. But capacity is almost full and the challenge we face is to provide additional capacity to meet demand.

Map: Birmingham/West Midladsn Connections via core High Speed Network

The Government is proposing to provide the capacity desperately needed across the UK through a new High Speed Rail Network. The new route would initially link London to Birmingham, then on to Manchester and Leeds forming what is known as the Y-Network. Eventually High Speed trains could run to Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In 2009 the Government set up a specific company to develop and promote the project, HS2 Ltd. For more information about HS2 Ltd please visit their website.

HS2 Proposals and Benefits
More information about the HS2 route in Birmingham and predicted benefits for the City and the wider West Midlands.

HS2 Consultations and Hybrid Bill
Information about the Hybrid Bill process and consultations to date and those which are planned in the future.

HS2 Scheme Development to Date
A summary of the history of the scheme and the City Council’s involvement.

HS2 Ltd Engagement
National and local engagement on HS2

HS2 and the City Council
More information on the City Council’s involvement with HS2.

HS2 Next Steps
What happens between now and 2026.